What is Instagram, applicatio which Facebook pays one billion dollars

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010, and from 6 October 2010 in App Store. Initially, they invested $ 500,000, and last week the latest calculations showed that application worth half a billion. By Instagram users can apply various photos filters pictures which can do with their smartphones or tablet and then they can quickly post on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Although there are plenty of applications that do similar things, Instagram has far more users because it is very easy to use and goes extremely fast.


Many market specialists was surprised by that Facebook offers $ 1 billion for an application launched and created by a company which have less than 10 employees. Explanations as though, from a desire to prevent other companies to buy Instagram, to estimate that the application will increase enormously, about the kind of evolution YouTube since it was taken over by Google. In any case, on Instragram are uploaded every day over 5 million photos. Facebook promises that its new acquisition will continue to operate with rival social networks and will be kept as an independent entity, especially as some of you might be annoyed that the application has reached the hands of Facebook. Use instagram account hack for a spy friend and girlfriend.

The application became so popular because of the ease with which users can share pictures between them being used simultaneously and discover new products. Almost half of all users of Instagram considers one of the main channels used for product discovery, which makes this application extremely important for most companies in the market. Leaving aside the financial aspect, Instagram has managed to stand out with numerous filters that he use, representing the core of the application. But to achieve quality photos, sometimes it takes more than that. Thus, whatever experience you have, the tricks below will help you to have a much better experience when using Instagram. A common problem of social networks is the photo that other people give you tag. Often, you might be surprised in a less pleasant aspect or in a place where there should have your location, and such things can lead to various complicated situations. On Facebook, they cam be easily avoided by choosing to approve tags before they appear on their own page.

On Instagram, things are slightly different. In essence, it is impossible to avoid tags but can instead remove them after they were placed. To do this, you have selected the picture in question, and then the bottom-right menu. Here you have two options: you can select “Hide from My profile”, keeping the tag, but without the picture to be displayed on your profile. If you want to remove the tag, however, select “More Options” and then “Remove me from Photo”. All you need to do before you take a picture and apply filters is to put the phone on “Airplane Mode” Since then, the steps mentioned earlier can be executed. Then click “Share” at which point you will be told that the process has failed. It will be removed, the picture may not be posted when the internet connection is restored. Edited picture will remain at that moment saved in the phone and can be accessed by using the native camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – impressions, specifications and Pokemon go Game

Samsung Galaxy Note phablet was not the first to market, but was the first who enjoyed a real success among users.

Over the years, the South Korean manufacturer has released generation after generation and relied mainly on design patterns recipe contemporary range S.


The new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 he makes no exception to this rule and is basically a Samsung Galaxy S6 with a larger screen and the ability to use a stylus for various actions. On these, the few interesting accessories and a new software service that could cause actual holding of Notes older sites to upgrade, especially if you have one of a generation older.

Important functions

Samsung smartphones have been criticized for years for lacking spectacular design, construction made of plastic or fake leather back, but things have changed this year with the launch of the new Galaxy S6. Note 5 took from it a great part of the physical, and here we are referring primarily to the metal housing with rear glass. It is a step forward but still can be criticized, especially if you’re not a fan of glass on the back cover. However, Note 5 is more compact than its predecessor, Galaxy Note 4: a smaller screen and bezel thickness by about 1 millimeter p less allowed a decrease in weight by 5 grams of 176-171 grams.

SuperAMOLED screen adopted the new Samsung phablet is identical to that available on the Galaxy S6, except diagonal. This is 5.7 “, one that has become typical for basic manufacturer’s phablet, while QHD resolution was held with all the advantages and rather, with all its disadvantages. The stylus can be used for various notes and its functions can be activated by a click on screen off.


News hardware platform are also minor: Samsung remained consistent decision not to use the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 due to overheating, so the Note 5 includes inside a chipset owner Exynos 7420, composed in turn of a quad-core processor Cortex A53 and a 1.5 GHz quad-core Cortex A57 processor 2.1 GHz accompanied by Mali graphics-T760MP8.


Unlike SGS6, Note 5 use 4GB RAM, which should ensure a Damaged increased fluency applications. How important 4GB RAM on a phone? For an Asus Zenfone 2 that we tested recently for a week, the differences are imperceptible, but it is possible that things will sit better in the case of Notes in May, especially because Samsung has a way to charge the phone with proprietary applications unnecessary.

We can say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a very advanced phone even though he had many problems but now must test runs the popular game. Go Pokemon game that you can catch all the pokemon childhood and train them created by Nintendo with Niantic was announced on 1 April and is now the most played game on the Play Store. Although this location there pokemon go location hack to locate pokemon legendary and shade all over the world stand still. The number of downloads has already surpassed the number of users on Twitter with the number of downloads of the application Tinder though still not available in all countries. The game did very well on this smartphone runs nonstop and without heat. When it comes to Android users, the game runs on smartphones with Android OS 4.4 or higher, needs a strong connection to Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, GPS and location services turned on and a memory 2GB RAM minimum.

Celebrities Wardrobe

International celebrities shows that trench is a piece of clothing that is likely to not be out of fashion ever! On the street, at the airport, events and even Oscar gossip, celebrities wearing almost obsessive classic Burberry trench sites whose design and aesthetics transcend time and fashion. These celebrity website collaborates with http://www.celebritiesphonenumber.com/  , giving fans all the information needed to communicate.

Justin Bieber

Recently, Victoria’s Secret Angel and Burberry model, Karlie Kloss was photographed walking around while shopping is a beige trench coat, black leggings, a casual blouse oversized bags and more! Actress Margot Robbie Also returning from “The Wolf of Wall Street” was photographed on the street wearing a navy blouse, flared jeans and a beige trench.

Self’s are in vogue, so it is not surprising that the two most sunoscute top models Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss have made a photo with your smart phone, both dressed in trench sites!  Hollywood trench is in great demand.

Neither men not to be outdone and strive increasingly more to keep up with the trends.  Alexander Skarsgard, Will. Ryan Seacrest and Tom Hardy wearing Burberry trench sites in shades of beige or navy, or even on the red carpet at the Oscars ceremony.

With a tradition of over 150 years in the art of achieving functional garments with style and “sensitivity” British Burberry waterproof fabric called gabardine inventor puts great emphasis on achieving the classic trenchcoat. It represents a strong track Burberry fashion show, being reinterpreted every year in the collections of female, male and children. Burberry coats are manufactured exclusively in the UK and are available in stores worldwide.

Justin Bieber is fascinated by the emerging new clothes, fashion designers offer clothes prototypes and gives them free to advertise. Every time Justin wardrobe changes when appearing in front of fans. His last device was created when Justin Bieber Phone Number to socialize with fans directly through mobile phone messages. In this way celebrities hide their privacy.

Female celebrities simply fall in love with some shoes, some bags or a few pairs of sunglasses they wear frequently. That risk even to wear the same pieces at the same event.

One thing acclaimed stars in the gallery below is that even afford to work with a personal trainer in the comfort of their homes, many of them go to classes with more people.

From personal experience, you need a lot of Discipline to do sports in the gym with a trainer, but mostly alone at home or in parks. If somehow you feel that you can not work as much this instance means that you are wrong one. When you think you can not continue because you will surely be able to do some exercises.

Most women, famous or not, go to the gym to look good, feel good and, why not, to be fashionable when they do, without makeup Queen.


Using GPS to find the current location in Android app Development

Hello dear friends ! Today we chose to talk about a very common theme, namely Android. Each of us has at least one device that is the android operating system. Android is an operating system that allows running some handy features. It is very popular because it allows unlicensed copying files,
Android came in 2005 when Google bought it in the time that was only a small and unknown company.

Android is based on more opportunities, namely to offer customers different methods of use. It is a system that runs very fast and prompt users giving them more reasons to be happy with the service.
Many applications run very quickly, which is why Android has become well known and have many phones and devices in this system component. Most people prefer devices and phones that have the Android operating system, and runs faster because it can not ever cause damage or hurt.
Android has managed to have many users and soon managed to expand rapidly in the market.
I together with my team we decided to add one more application on the market that will be helpful to many persons.

There have tested it only friends and relatives and were very satisfied with the results achieved in a short time, did not have to wait or worry that they will not load and damage the slide. Our application is called phone tracker and can only offer advantages. This lets you watch someone I know or to location.


For example you can find out where he is husband / lover, children, friends or purse simply want to know where someone is. All you have to do is purchase program after our site, to enable GPS, select the person you want to track and hit the road. The person will never know and will not suspect anything when your track or locate. Our application runs great on Android and not only is completely free and does not require much storage space.

The application also has anti-theft system, so in case you lose your phone or it is stolen by using our application can find out where is it located and you are allowed to block or shut it down.
Our application can provide something else, namely, will allow while running or location tracking, will you open other applications, you can send messages or you can play. Friends who have purchased application they were told not hard to believe that while the application run, they were doing other things with your phone. In addition our application has an advantage that is of benefit everyone, namely not consume a lot of battery. Enough to consume only 2% in 20 minutes, if other applications are open, and if no other applications are open and can consume 2% in 40-50 minutes.

In conclusion if you want to keep bacteria long charged if you want a free application that can track or locate someone without have any risk or fear that phone or device to damage or is the virus, our application is the Hi. Do not tell us, but friends and relatives who have tried it and are very pleased with the results. Not one to feel sorry for purchase.

Worst Smartphone Names in the world!

The smartphone has become, for some people, an object of social status. Some say proudly that they have iPhone in your pocket, others talk praising Samsung, HTC or LG.

For others, those who bought their phones baptized dubious, it’s a little more complicated. The couple chose the name AndroidAuthority less inspired mobile phone. Here are some examples:
1. Harman Kardon HTC One M8. The folks at HTC have partnered with Harman Kardon to provide an improved experience in terms of sound. But try saying the name of the smartphone without stutter. Succeed?

2. Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch. Another name difficult to pronounce after a beer. Some manufacturers seem to prefer long names.

3. Billy Yezz 4.7. A phone with Windows childish name that conjures the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

4. ZTE Iconic phablet. An iconic phablet. It is known.

5. Motorola Citrus (lemon), LG Cookie Wink Style (Blink style cake), LG Chocolate Touch (touch chocolate) also get on the list.


5th: Motorola XT532

This smartphone was launched in 2011 and since then has been devalued so much in terms of hardware, that today is one of the weakest Android phones on the market (well, where is found in stocks). With a 3.5-inch display (320 x 480 pixels) and a single-core processor 800 MHz, Motorola XT532 runs Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread site (since I heard this version) in slow motion. In addition, as the design, the phone is urâţel resembled least ugly duckling in the world of entry-level smartphones.
4th: Samsung Galaxy Y

Further discuss everything from smartphone launched in 2011, Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. If at the time this phone was placed in the entry-level and unravel honorably in that niche, time passed over it, and today is exceeded in all respects. Apps in Google Play does not work if at all, and where they fail to thrive unfortunately deplorable move. Samsung Galaxy Y smartphone was not bad, but it does not fit the current period.
3rd place: LG Optimus L3

LG Optimus L3 E400 is from my point of view ugliest smartphone that has ever existed and will exist from now on. If the picture looks more or less ok, I recommend you not to see in reality. It’s a boxy thing, a hideous plastic with a full color display and a camera deplorable deleted. LG Optimus L3 believe was created by South Korean engineers in a drunkenness.
2nd place: Alcatel One Touch 985D

Alcatel One Touch 985D is a dual-sim and so. While running the Android operating system, this smartphone is a kind of “not so” in terms of design and hardware facilities. Although it was launched in mid 2012, Alcatel One Touch 985D by processor 650 MHz and 256 MB RAM is not recommended as a device appealing even believe that the year 2014 is a bad joke that you can do someone. The display is a disaster, and touch the deplorable move.

1st: Samsung Star 3

Although not running Android operating system (it has its own system), those from Samsung this phone falls into the category of smartphones. Samsung S5220 Star 3 is a phone released in 2012 and was recommended emerging markets. Personally I consider him a true smartphone, but an attempt cheaply South Koreans removing a volume product. Samsung Star 3 moves horrible and I do not think there is a day in which you can use without causing you a lot of nerves. I recommend this phone to anyone.
As you may have noticed, present in the top smartphones are quite old, launched 2-3 years ago. However, due to price low enough that you have (200-250 lei free) they are still trading on many websites specialized in Romania. Folks, please drop faster these wrecks because there have been many other phones in the same price class more ok relative to current hardware facilities.